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Dubai Glow Garden

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Dubai Glow Garden

This wonderful world is that the biggest Dubai Garden Glow themed garden on the world and was unveiled by Dubai Municipality. A thirty million AED project is known as Dubai Garden Glow and offers two completely different experiences encompassing ‘Art by day and Glow by night’.

The world is certainly exceptional and pleasant at an equivalent time. This distinctive idea – ‘Dubai Garden Glow’- project has been developed by ‘The Retailers Investment’ and absolutely partnered by Dubai Municipality.

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Dubai glow garden’s novelty

The garden educates folks regarding the importance of reducing carbon foot print and conserving the planet by mistreatment recyclables in order that the long run generations will still decision ‘planet earth’ as a ‘wonderful world’. The creative installations are devotedly created by expert artisans from round the globe. A number of these howling creations can arrange to feature within the Guinness book of world records.

What is special concerning Dubai Garden Glow?

It took around eighteen months of coming up with, 200,000 man hours, and a hundred and fifty artists from across the word to finish the distinctive project. This creative venture has been galvanized by the wonders of the planet. Guests are often taken to Nilotic language Mara wild beast migration to the tulips of Holland.

The garden incorporates a splendid duplicate of the Sheikh Zayed Grand place of worship that is created of ninety thousands ceramic ware cups, plates and spoons. A replica of Burj Khalifa fabricated from 330,000 tiny medication bottles full of colorful water has additionally been created. The garden will feature a spread of live performances by artists and acrobats across the world. Guests will relish a large vary of food from across the planet at the food street within the garden. Folks will even relish the sunshine and water show.

Dubai glow garden has immeasurable things to entertain youngsters that include:

  • African grassland
  • Panda Paradise
  • Rabbit Heart
  • Candy land
  • Giant Phoenix jar
  • Ant Party
  • Sparkling Garden
  • Ladybirds
  • Water Fairies
  • Talking Tree