Dubai City Tours

Dubai is one of the amazing city of the world, that everyone always dream. The beautiful city of Dubai boasts of its luxurious tourist places and other mind-blowing malls that can literally take your breath away. Starting from the airport and emirates terminal, the gigantic yet charming gold highlights immediately draw your attention as you anticipate the wonders of the entire city then 7 star hotel Burj al Arab, or 5 star hotel Atlantis for luxurious stay. As we all know that late Dubai is attracting lots of traveler round the world for its beauty and class let’s take a glance at few of the simplest places to go to in urban center that makes this place a wonderland.

Dubai City Tour Only in 50 AED Includes

  • Dubai City Tour will by Bus
  • Total No of Pax 6
  • Half Day Dubai City tour total Duration 9:00 am to 02:00 pm
  • Well planned itinerary
  • Learn about the heritage & History spots
  • Experienced and qualified drivers
  • Opportunities for photo stops
  • Dubai Old souq, Gold souq tour
  • Dubia Hight Rise seen
  • Provisions for refreshments and drinks
Dubai City Tour

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City Tour of Dubai

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t love the storied status of Dubai, from the wonderful culture of this Arabian wonder to the high rise buildings and sykscrapers, Dubai has become one of the most beloved destinations for anyone looking to relax and enjoy a great holiday.

However, exploring Dubai is a function of a great many things, one of them being the quality of your tour and tourism company. We at Dream Night Tours understand this, and that is why we are offering you an unbeatable Dubai city tour experience.

There is a lot to see in Dubai, and there is no company that is better suited to showing you the majesty of this city than Dream Night Tours, With valuable experience in the tour field and a track record of ensuring exceptional service delivery, you can rest assured that we will get you everything you need to appreciate the beauty of Dubai even more.

Our Dubai city tour will take you through just about every part of this famous city. Whether you will like a slice of the culture, or you prefer to view all the elements which have made Dubai a great wonder of the modern world, we will be exploring both and bringing you in contact with all of them.

Just as it is with every other tour that we provide, the Dubai city tour begins with a pickup service from your hotel (or any other location that we agree on when you order your service). You will be greeted with a comfortable and safe transport service, which will be on with you as you make your way across the city.

Sighting Tour of Dubai

The sites that we will be visiting include the Jumeirah Mosque, the largest and most affluent mosque in the entire city. We have no doubt that the outstanding design of the mosque, as well as the rich culture behind it and its significance to the religious life of Dubai citizens, will undoubtedly take your breath away.

From there, other sites include the Palace of Sheikh Muhammad, which will definitely elevate your awe of the entire city of Dubai. We also have the Dubai museum, as well as the residence of the Emir of Dubai. If you ever need something to help you fall in love with this city the more, the city tour of Dubai is just about the perfect way to do this.

The Dubai city tour from Arabian Safari will also provide you with awesome opportunities to take pictures, which will make the entire experience even more memorable. We will be sure to take all the necessary steps to ensure that your trip is comfortable and safe, including providing adequate security and enough refreshments to keep you satiated. Whatever we need to do to make this Dubai city tour unforgettable, rest assured that we will get done.

At Dream Night Tours we will be providing you with the very best in economical packages, thus ensuring that you are able to get the essentials of the tour without necessarily having to pay exorbitant fees.