Hatta Mountain Safari

Adventure comes into way this is dry river edges into Hatta Hajjar Mountains to finally reaching the fresh water pools. It is one awesome place to look at and enjoy your day at it. The water is so enchanting that you cannot stop yourself from taking few dips. The place has so much nature beauty filled in it that you can take some amazing photography sessions of these Wadi.

After lunch you are then taken to the famous carpet shops and pottery shops on the way back to Dubai. You are passing through the street markets and visiting the shops filled with locally made items of pottery. On the way back you are again going through the rides of high peeked mountains and you can take pictures for memorizing this adventurous day. Then we drop you back at your hotel. The total duration for this memorable trip is approximately 6 hours including the travelling. Overall this safari is specially made for people who love to venture. Get more information about desert safari new deals.

Hatta Mountain Safari Trips 280 AED Includes

  • Hatta Wadis
  • Mountain Safari
  • Hatta Heritage Village
  • Hatta Fort Hotel
  • Hatta Hill Park
  • Fresh Water Pools
  • Hatta water Dam
  • Visit of carpet market
Hatta MountainSafari

Tour Details

Duration 6 to 7 hours
Availability Daily
Pickup Time 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Location Hatta
Picked By 4x4
Adult Price 280 AED
Kid Price 260 AED

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Hatta Mountain Safari Safety Features

Hatta Safari as a Popular Attraction: Have you been waiting around for a holiday to the place of mountain Safari and choosing with the ride and hiking activities all around it? Is yes, then Hatta safari is wornderful tourist attraction.

Desert Safari includes off- road, desert driving in Dubai desert. Our expert drivers are desert driving qualified. Safari automobiles are insured, all fitted with AC, seat belts, roll bars and first –aid box. Vehicles are licensed to carry 6 passengers, excluding the driver. Guests must wear seat belts during the tour.

Guests to Hatta Mountain tour can have a go at something somewhat extraordinary - kayaking through the immense Hatta lake. Voyagers and occupants can lease kayaks or oar pontoons from a stand at the supply for an unwinding ride over the unmistakable waters of the turquoise-tinted lake, where they'll experience characteristic tenants including fish and flying creatures. You can wander into concealed territories through bended ways holed up behind the mountains and not obvious from the store perspective.

Hatta mountain Tour

The tour departs from Dubai early within the morning and heads off down the Hatta road towards Asian nation. throughout your journey in luxurious 4x4 vehicles you may see lush oases, gorges, dry riverbeds and inexperienced fields. Ultimately you may head into the Hajar mountains, wherever Hatta Heritage Village is found.

The village itself is made round the core of a sixteenth century settlement. New buildings are erected that completely recreate what associate degree ancient Emirati mountain village would have gave the look of. The village is found next to the Hatta gully, associate degree oasis that sustained the community throughout the summer months.

Oman is beautiful place, Wadi Bani Khaled, one of Oman's most beautiful wadis, famous for its lush green oases, water pools and deep canyons. its tour is unforgettable experience of the life, it is also available on request.

Hatta Tour is good escapade from the lights of Dubai. Tourists Hatta Heritage Village has also become a relax spot for the families residing within Dubai or Sharjah. This tour will also take you through the Dam and Hatta valley, For the true thrill seekers.